Who am I ?

Akmal Saleem: I was born in Lahore which is a traditional capital of Punjab for thousand years and also known as the city of gardens and famous due to its historic and cultural background.

I have done my Graduation with Economics, European and Indian history & Master degree in English Literature from the famous university of the Punjab: Government college University, Lahore

After the completion of my study I joined an International bank as officer where I got top position in a year training due to which I was awarded further training of international banking.

I work 5 years on important assignments and then I was selected to be posted in Europe where within 3 years I achieved the position of Director for one of the important European branch and due to my successful career I was promoted to the Executive level

In 1995 I went back to my country and after one week my father passed away. I was meant to be there for my family at that difficult period. I started to work and once again achieved success but that success does not gave me fulfillment and one day I finish my banking career and came to The Netherlands to search my real path.

Due to my intuitive power I established myself as a consultant, then I started to use my gifted power to learn people how to get happiness and success in their lives and their happiness gave me more inspiration to grow.

My spirituality & wisdom is the gift of my favorite mother from whom I have learnt everything in my life and I also learnt from her that everything has a purpose & time frame and then that time came which no one wish to expect – she passed away – all of sudden.

My mother, my guide my Guru was gone to the other part of world and from that day a new channel was opened for me and I have started to go through mystical experiences, such as visiting her in the heaven and so on…so on.….every day she gave me more power to develop my therapies and I always feel that she is there for me because she is my guru.

So you know a little about me?