New Journey to Success

Where to begin and how to begin that is the question arises when we want to start a new journey to success and I learn my clients to begin right now from this moment because I believe that

one moment is enough to change your life

and that moment can give you the power of determination to change your entire life.

My therapy will help you to get the working power for your ideas and you will be able to recognize your limitations as well as your capacities and will also learn not to play hide & seek game with your wisdom which can assured you success.

Success is the reward of our efforts which we made to achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams but to be a success you will learn to think high to rise, to be sure of yourself because it is all in the state of mind and you will get the power to think and develop your determination to achieve your goals. To let you start with new journey to success I work through my therapies

New Mind Technology & Chakra Therapy

which can help you to remove your psycho-emotional blockades, all your stress, and tension, pressure to develop your personality and let you feel inner peace, fulfillment and balance your life to start a new journey to success.

The therapy New Mind Technology is based on 10 stages.

  1. Awareness: There is more in life than you are aware of…………..
  2. Openness-waking up and ready to accept change.
  3. Journey from unconsciousness to consciousness.
  4. Clearing the past (blockades) from your childhood.
  5. Gain pure energy and a new view of life (New Life Style).
  6. Mystical experiences and regain progression towards consciousness.
  7. Inner enlightenment begins at this level.
  8. Feelings to be blessed, generous, kind and in state of love with self.
  9. Actualize new levels on permanent basis.
  10. Expect miracles in your new journey to success.

Anti-Stress Chakra Therapy

This therapy is based on ancient Indian mythology of Chakras and relaxing on Chakras is a multi level exercise and a wonder filled experience. It involves inner concentration and then relaxation. When we choose to be aligned within self then we have to work on our Chakras.

We all have 7 chakras but I do believe that we have one more chakra i.e. 8th chakra and this chakra is located between our heart and throat and I call this chakra as peace chakra, these chakras are the tool to fight with wisdom in order to re-design our lives, every chakra has its own color and in my session I let my clients see the colors, images and let them feel energy. Chakra colors are tools with power and are applicable to the extent that we wish to use them.

Energy: No therapy is complete without the feelings of having strong energy and through my therapy I give energy to my clients and when they feel that their energy fields are growing then they are able to deal with their day to day life in a more positive way.

Chakra therapy can remove your stress, tension, pressure and all the emotional blockades. It will stabilize your body and mind, balance your personality and will learn you how to start a new beginning in your life towards a

new journey to success.